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steel prices soar

Steel prices are expected to increase throughout the beginning of 2021 as supply remains tight and demand rebounds from pandemic levels. Many industries have taken a hit throughout 2020, and the construction industry is no different. What are the driving factors? What can you do to prepare?

supply chain pain

The coming months will be the real test on the shipping industry. Covid-19, late year surge in imports, weather and the Chinese New Year continue to create backlog. If you have questions regarding an inbound material order, please contact your account manager.

NEW! Panelboard Stocking Program..

Broken Arrow Electric Supply stocks frequently used distribution and control products: type 1 and 3R boxes; surface and flush trims; main breaker kits; branch breakers; lug kits; service entrance kits; ground kits; and 200% neutral kits.

osha may visit more often

Forewarned is forearmed: if you owe money to OSHA as a result of one or more recent citations, it may be in your best interest to make payments now, rather than later, to prevent additional financial and non-financial problems.